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A psychosocial intervention delivered via telehealth for people with a brain tumour and their family About The Program Being diagnosed with and treated for brain… Read More


FREE health checks are available next week (Wednesday 18 May)  To help celebrate ‘My health for life’s’ inaugural Health Check Week, our trained facilitators will be… Read More

Healthy Volunteers needed for COVID-19 BOOSTER vaccine study

The purpose of the study is to see how the body reacts to 2 booster doses of a protein-based vaccine candidate designed against the Omicron… Read More

Are you female and interested in participating in research examining your microbiome?

We are seeking Australian women with Recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (recurrent thrush) who haven’t menopaused and can supply a one-off vaginal swab and a faecal sample… Read More

Excellence 2021 Australian Dental Association Young Dentist Award

Congratulations to Griffith Alumnus, Dr Linton Nash on receiving the 2021 Australian Dental Association Outstanding Young Dentist Award. This award has only been awarded five times in its history. … Read More

World Kidney Day 2022

World Kidney Day is a worldwide campaign designed to raise awareness on the importance of kidney health on our overall health. The campaign is about the importance… Read More

Staff and children in preschool and childcare aren’t being protected like in schools. We need a national plan

By late January, more than 400 early learning centres were closed across the country due to the Omicron wave, and many more were running at reduced… Read More

Omg, Omicron! Why it’s too soon to panic about COVID vaccines and the new variant

Researchers around the world are trying to work out whether existing COVID vaccines protect us from the latest variant, Omicron. The worst-case scenario is the virus… Read More

Taking your first rapid antigen test? 7 tips for an accurate result

You can now buy rapid antigen tests in supermarkets and pharmacies to test yourself at home for COVID-19 in about 15 minutes. You’ll get your… Read More

Bad for patients, bad for paramedics: ambulance ramping is a symptom of a health system in distress

Long lines of ambulances idling outside hospitals have shocked the public in recent news reports, especially in states with high COVID case numbers and increased hospital… Read More