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I am ready, I have the armoury

A reflection by Ingrid Ozols – alumnus Master of Suicidology “There was no planning in doing the… Read More

Representation in healthcare – Griffith Health Alumni discuss

We recently brought together Griffith Health alumni in a virtual event to talk to us about the positive impacts on the health of the individual and… Read More

Turning life’s challenges into a change-making career opportunity

Ingrid Ozols is a graduate of the Master of Suicidology program. Her work sees her telling her personal story to deliver… Read More

AISRAP wins LIFE Award for Excellence in Suicide Research

We are please to announce that the Australian Institute of Suicide Prevention has won the LIFE Award for Excellence in the Suicide Research category. Read More

Running to raise awareness of suicide prevention

Even the seemingly most exuberant of us still have our dark days. Forty-five year old New Zealand born husband and father of two, Justin Geange is no stranger to depression. Read More

Alumnus provides tools for men’s mental health

A deep concern about high suicide rates within the construction industry led Griffith University alumnus Jorgen Gullestrup to start up the world’s only industry-based suicide prevention program. Read More

Understanding suicide risk factors for farmers

A closer understanding of the personal risk factors around suicide in farmers is the outcome of new research from Griffith University’s Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP). Read More