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Celebrating Impact: Women leading the way in research for International Women’s Day 

In the world of cutting-edge research, we want to spotlight a selection of exceptional women researchers who are making a lasting impact in their respective… Read More

Chlamydia Trial

Why is this study being conducted? The purpose of this research project is to collect information on infection and reinfection caused by Chlamydia trachomatis (Ct). Read More

Chronic Kidney Disease Trial

Why is this study being conducted? This research project is testing a new potential treatment for chronic kidney disease. The new treatment is called Zibotentan… Read More

Early Alzheimer’s Disease Trial

Why is this study being conducted? Early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) refers to two situations that are often caused by the presence of AD in the… Read More

Addressing coercion in mental healthcare

Finding a common goal for action to address coercion in mental healthcare is the goal of a new Griffith University paper which identifies what the… Read More

Transforming Surgical Care: Professor Brigid Gillespie’s Quest for Wiser Wound Care and Patient-Centric Practices

This month we feature Professor Brigid Gillespie who is Deputy Director of The NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Wiser Wound Care within Menzies Health Institute Queensland. Professor Brigid… Read More

Leading Australian Virologist and Pioneer in virus-induced inflammation – Meet Professor Suresh Mahalingam

When Professor Suresh Mahalingam began his research career after completing his PhD in Viral Immunology at the ANU, he knew he wanted to work on… Read More

The Yapatjarrathati Project – Meet Professor Dianne Shanley

Professor Dianne Shanley has always had a lifelong passion for helping people and improving care. “Even when I was a student, I was researching how… Read More

Volunteers Needed for Gout Clinical Trial

Register for the Gout Clinical Trial Why is this study being conducted? Gout is caused by a high level of… Read More

Unravelling viruses for vaccine innovation and human health – Meet Dr Adam Taylor

Viral Immunologist Dr Adam Taylor is working hard to understand how viruses interact with our systems to help inform vaccine design and discovery. Adam is… Read More