Universities expend a lot of energy, time and money in connecting with their alumni. While living the life of a struggling uni student, surfing the euphoria of graduating or frantically worrying about whether you will ace the job interview it can be difficult to see the value in giving back to your alma mater, however there are a multitude of reasons why it’s important, including increasing your prospects for promotion.

  1. You’re helping support the next generation of students. Whether you donate financially, which provides scholarships and facilities for learning and research, or you agree to become a partner for internships, your contribution shapes the future of the institution.
  2. Giving your time is just as valuable. Purely financial support is generally what comes to mind when you think of giving back to your alma mater, however human capital is just as beneficial to the vitality of the university and is an important donation.
  3. It keeps you current. What better way to stay relevant, keep your thumb on the pulse of your industry and find a challenge or two along the way than to be involved in the future generation. One of the benefits to being an involved alumni is that you’re a part of a process that is constantly advancing technological, research and learning methods.
  4. Networking never ends.  No matter what industry you’re in, your connections make a difference in a multitude of matters that contribute to the way you’re perceived. Whether it’s a complimentary word when you’re trying to advance, a willingness to collaborate or close a deal with you, being asked to be a part of a research team or just a general atmosphere of friendliness – having a good reputation and a strong network is crucial to professional advancement and positive positioning. Being an involved alumni means expanding and cementing a professional network with academics, researchers and industry professionals.
  5. Our reputation impacts your reputation. When you have a degree from an institution your qualifications are intrinsically tied to them. The way your alma mater is perceived can impact the way that your skills are perceived also. Ensuring that your university has a strong reputation in your industry increases your chances of advancement.

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