We are currently seeking participants for a clinical trial investigating the effects of probiotic supplements on the immune system after night shift/shift work.

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for people aged 25-68 who work a minimum of two night shifts per month.

About the trial

The shift work trial will require participants to consume a probiotic supplement for 28 days as well as providing a faecal sample on two occasions (so we can assess the change to your gut bacteria in response to the probiotic supplement). For your time you will receive:

  • the probiotic supplement for free
  • an extensive immune health assessment and find out whether a probiotic supplement works for you. As a part of the immune health assessment, you will have your Microbiome profiled, which can provide you with excellent health information.
  • You will receive a Fitbit that allows us to track your activity throughout the study (which you can keep after the trial) and you will also have a general health assessment completed.

What will you be asked to do as a volunteer?

  • Complete a demographic, lifestyle and health history questionnaire, sleep quality questionnaire and compliance/illness checklist
  • Consume probiotics for a 28 day intervention period
  • Have a small period of 10 – 14 days of “normal” sleep pattern (ie. No night shift), followed by two consecutive night shifts
  • Provide blood/faecal specimen
  • Track activity using a Fitbit activity tracker (yours to keep when the study is complete)

More information

To find out more about the trial please contact the study team via email at [email protected]