In recognition for the remarkable impact he’s had as the Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Australia, Brady Schulz has taken home the 2016 Outstanding School of Allied Health Sciences Alumnus of The Year award.
An exercise physiologist and dietitian with a Masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Brady graduated from the School of Allied Health Sciences in 2009 and quickly went on to establish a highly successful patient-centred health service across Queensland.

“I started Healthy Lifestyles while I was still studying at Griffith, working with medical and allied healthcare professionals to provide a multi-disciplinary health service to their patients,” says Brady.

“It began with a single medical centre but word soon got around and within three months of focusing solely on the company I needed my first full-time employee to help carry the workload.”

Today, Healthy Lifestyles Australia operates in 85 centres, employs 25 staff and provides a Medicare-funded no-gap service to patients who are financially disadvantaged.

“My initial interests were in sports performance and nutrition but I’ve discovered a passion for helping people with diabetes, cancer, heart disease, allergies, musculoskeletal problems and all types of chronic illness,” says Brady.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to see someone lose 50kg and no longer rely on insulin or someone who was staring down the barrel of a major spinal procedure using lifestyle and diet strategies to avoid the need for surgery.”

Brady received much more than an education during his time at Griffith.

“The course itself was fantastic but it was the teaching and support staff who really inspired and motivated me to succeed,” he adds.