Griffith University has introduced virtual reality technology to provide a truly immersive learning environment for the School of Pharmacy, thanks to the efforts of Dr Gary Grant.

Dr Grant, Deputy Head (Learning and Teaching) at the School, says interactive simulation and gamification not only engages but also arms students with practical real world skills.

“The technology is used as part of a mixed-mode of delivery similar to a mini-lecture with the addition of virtual reality simulation designed to have as much value as early placement experiences,” says Dr Grant.

“It allows students to work at simulated dispensing stations and interact with virtual patients in several environments including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and emergency room.

The new technology is adaptable for other health disciplines and accessible from home computers and mobile electronic devices. In keeping with Griffith’s commitment to innovation and flexibility in learning and assessment, the School of Pharmacy is also the first in Australia to introduce a team simulation game called PharmG, which allows final-year students to test their pharmacy skills against peers.

“We started from humble beginnings and focused on making sure we were introducing something measurably effective rather than just exciting and pretty,” says Dr Grant.

“The remarkable aspect of our progress is due to outstanding team work and Griffith’s supportive and nurturing environment.”