In a milestone moment for our Psychology Clinics Professor Eleanor Milligan, Deputy Dean Clinical Education, presented certificates of accreditation to Professor David Neumann, Acting Head of School of Applied Psychology, and Dr Dianne Shanley, Director of the Gold Coast Psychology Clinics. The Clinics have recently received their full accreditation according to the National Standards for Mental Health Services and the Human Services Quality Framework from Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) and have met all twenty-five standards necessary for full accreditation, something that is impressive in an industry assessment. Professor Milligan addressed the staff and students at the celebration and passed on some of the feedback the Clinics received from their assessment. “You have skilled, committed and passionate staff and that came through in each of your interactions with us,” she read, “Your involvement with the communities in which you’re located is impressive, as you demonstrate clearly that you are much more than a teaching institution.”

Thanking each member of the Clinic that had contributed to the accreditation she said the most important part of the accreditation feedback wasn’t that the Clinics had passed with flying colours, it was the response that “the feedback from your clients and patients was very positive and they are clear that Griffith is a place that adds value to them and their lives”. Upon receiving the accreditation certificates Dr Shanley thanked the staff, with special mention to Clinic Coordinator Kim Napier and Executive Support Officer Debbie Phillips. Addressing the students that work in the clinics to contribute to the clinical practice portion of their degrees she said, “Your work paves the way for the future of the clinics. Due to your hard work we have met all of our standards and thank you for making that seem effortless.”

Our clinical staff, administration staff and students work tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes for patients entering the clinic and it is their remarkable work that has contributed to the accreditation.