Researchers at Griffith University are seeking healthy males aged 18-50 years to participate in a clinical study examining a malaria vaccine approach in humans.  Volunteers must be non-smokers or smoke ≤ 5 cigarettes/day.

The results of this study will contribute towards the development of a malaria vaccine.

This study will involve administering three doses of a novel malaria vaccine to study participants, followed by an injection with infective malaria parasites to examine the effectiveness of the vaccine.  Blood samples will be collected during the study to examine the response to the vaccine and the effectiveness of the vaccine.  At the completion of the study, anti-malarial medication will be administered.

During the study, participants will be required to attend multiple visits at the Griffith Health Clinic (G40) at the Griffith University Southport campus over a 4 month time period.

Qualified participants receive all study treatment at no cost.  Reasonable travel and parking costs will be reimbursed as well as a nominal fee for reimbursement of time ($50/visit).

For further information, please contact: [email protected]