We are currently seeking female participants for a sports science study investigating the effects of antioxidant supplementation on performance in women using oral contraception to those who are naturally-menstruating.

Eligibility criteria

We are looking for women aged 18-35 who are recreationally-active (exercise at least 3 hrs/week of moderate-intensity exercise), have no inflammatory or endocrinological complications.

About the research

The study will investigate how an antioxidant supplement can change responses to exercise, including oxidative stress (known to be increased in women using oral contraception), and if these changes can help improve exercise performance.

By participating you will receive:

  • An antioxidant supplement to trial
  • Personal VO2max score (gold standard of aerobic fitness worth $300)
  • Lipid and glucose profiles
  • Hormonal profile (oestrogen and progesterone)
  • Antioxidant profile
  • Oxidative stress status (cellular damage that causes aging, illness)
  • Blood pressure, heart rate and lactate concentrations

What will you be asked to do as a volunteer?

  1. Screening
    • Complete a health history and menstrual cycle questionnaire
    • Perform a maximal aerobic fitness test (VO2max test)
  2. Familiarisation
    • Become familiar and comfortable with the exercise procedures
  3. Performance trials
    • Complete three performance trials taking either placebo or antioxidant supplement dissolved in a sports drink (each participant will get to test both products)
    • 40 min cycling followed by 1 km time trial
    • Provide blood samples to monitor responses to exercise
    • Monitor antioxidant intake and maintain consistent dietary habits throughout the study

More information

To find out more about this research please contact: [email protected]