The Griffith University School of Pharmacy has changed its name to the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology to more accurately reflect the current breadth and depth of the degree programs offered by the School and to encompass the full scope of its teaching and research activities.

In addition to its well-regarded undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy programs, the School offers a suite of pharmacology and toxicology degrees, teaches pharmacology courses for other health professions as core courses in their degree or as electives, and is able to provide high quality pharmacology and toxicology majors for degree programs within the sciences and health sciences academic groups.

The School also has significant research strength in pharmacology and a critical mass of academics and higher degree by research students within this specialty. Hence, the name change provides a much better alignment with our research activities and the recognition of these activities in the ERA ranking of Griffith University as above world standard in the field of ‘Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences’, and in the most recent QS University rankings where Griffith University was ranked in the top 300 in the world in ‘Pharmacy and Pharmacology’.

Therefore, the new name is an acknowledgement and promotion of the expanding role that the School plays in teaching pharmacology to Griffith students across the health and science groups, while also highlighting additional major research strengths within the School. This name change will help to better publicise the full scope of teaching and research activities within the School and help with marketing domestically and internationally to both students and stakeholders.

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