Did you know that a physiotherapist can provide you with quality and effective treatment online?

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, our physiotherapy clinic continues to support our staff and our fully-qualified practitioners are currently providing online consultations via telehealth.

This enables you to receive the same great services as you would in our regular clinic while helping to limit community exposure and transmissions.

Our student physiotherapy clinic will also recommence on the 11th May and consultations will be conducted via telehealth.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth enables you to receive quality care closer to home and is delivered via technology such as computers and telephones. 

It involves the same level of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention aspects that you’d receive with face-to-face consultations and it improves access to healthcare by reducing the need to travel for specialist advice.

While telehealth has existed in Australia for some time, our health clinics have recently introduced this services to ensure continuity of care and to support our large patient pool.

Telehealth services are currently being provided by the following clinics – physiotherapy, exercise physiology, speech pathology, dietetics and psychology.

How physiotherapy sessions work via telehealth


Student physiotherapy clinics recommencing May 11

Your initial consultation ($30) takes approximately 1.5 hours and will involve the student (in consultation with the experienced clinic physiotherapist) firstly assessing and diagnosing your injury and then providing you with actual treatment. Your second and subsequent consultations ($20) are 45mins long and will include treatment and rehabilitation the same as if you were to visit your local physiotherapy clinic. All students are under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists who are present and guide the students throughout your recovery process.

Telehealth appointments available now

If you’d like to experience telehealth for yourself, our physiotherapists are currently on hand and appointments are available. Please call our reception team on 1800 188 295 or email us at [email protected]