Bella Kire is a prime example of the care and dedication exhibited by our School of Human Services & Social Work students. Studying her Bachelor of Child & Family Services, Bella has undertaken placements with organisations like Save the Children Australia, Browns Plains Early Years Centre and Acacia Ridge Early Years Centre & Kindergarten.

Bella initially chose Griffith University due to the reputation of its research and because she was connected to members of the Griffith cohort. However she soon found the benefits of studying within the School of Human Services & Social Work were numerous. “I was able to approach my lecturers and tutors and gain one on one time to get any of my questions answered,” Bella says, “The staff were always there to listen and offer support when it was needed.”

Bella has also made lifelong friends throughout her degree and worked with a diverse group of academics that were clearly passionate about their industry. With many of the Schools academics having won numerous Learning & Teaching degrees, it’s clear to see why the School has a reputation for being flexible and ensuring their students are able to manage a work/life/study balance. Bella’s advise to future students is inline with the dedicated nature of the School. “Don’t give up on your degree,” she says, “In year two I was thinking of deferring, but I knew that if I did that I may not go back to studying. Instead I enrolled in one course to lighten the load and the next semester I came back revived and energised. Here I am now, on my last week of my final placement.”