When Marnie Icim applied for the Master of Primary Maternity Care, she had no idea how much she would learn. Now, the graduate uses her new skills to make a difference in her role and looks forward to the variety of careers that could await her with her qualification.  

Having completed her high school years and undergraduate degree on the Mornington Peninsula, Marnie chose the Victorian coastal community as the spot to embark on her career as a midwife. After 4 years of work, she was looking for a new project to undertake, and set her sights on postgraduate study.  

“After doing my research, Griffith’s Master of Primary Maternity Care sounded right up my alley – and being online I was able to complete it from my home in Victoria. I knew the degree would be relevant to my career as a midwife, but I had no idea just how much I was truly going to learn,” Marnie says. 

“I assumed post-graduate degrees would enhance the knowledge you already had, and perhaps give you the ‘edge’ in your career. But now that I’ve graduated, I have emerged a different midwife! I have the skills and ability to meaningfully contribute to maternity service reform and enhance the childbearing journey of women and their families. 

“My studies have allowed me to approach my role as an Associate Midwifery Unit Manager at the local health service in a unique way that not only serves the women in my community but has also allowed me to encourage and empower the midwives I work with to make a difference. The Master has also allowed me to work as an Endorsed Midwife in Private Practice, taking on clients in my own business.” 

Undertaking studies in a different state to your university can seem daunting, but Marnie praises her teachers for how hard they worked to connect with students who can come from any location into a single class for online study.  

“Without a doubt, the best thing about my degree were the teachers, some of whom later became my supervisors for my dissertation. They made the course so enjoyable and gave me the passion and drive to complete my studies,” Marnie says. 

“I had my first baby during my degree (an unplanned but very welcome surprise!), and although I felt like I would never complete my studies, my supervisors always believed in me and gave me the advice, compassion and drive to finish.  

“Being online, you really need that connection with your teachers. Thankfully, they are so available that even though the course was 100% online, it really felt like I had access to all the help I needed, any time of day.” 

Having completed her studies, Marnie is already applying her learnings to her current role and enjoys planning the next steps in her career.  

“I feel that after completing the Master of Primary Maternity Care, my career is really just beginning,” Marnie says.  

“The options are endless for me: teaching, policy advising, political advocacy for maternity service reform, and research are all possible roles that I hope to fulfill in the future.  

“My advice for any midwives considering the Master program is that you won’t be disappointed – I strongly encourage you to do it! I enjoyed every second of my learning, and the skills, knowledge, confidence, and meaningful connections I have developed throughout the course are priceless.” 

Our Master of Primary Maternity Care is designed to enhance the skills and career outcomes of registered midwives. If you would like to build your professional network, develop new skills, or solidify your experience with a formal qualification, the Master program will help you meet your goals. A Graduate Certificate in Primary Maternity Care is also available