Griffith University has made great strides towards Australia’s goal for equity in health and education for Australia’s First Peoples. Our programs provide support and encouragement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples already studying, or considering a place at Griffith University.

First Peoples Health Unit

The Unit fulfills a research and leadership role, in collaboration with the wider Griffith leadership, to identify and initiate solutions based on the best of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures. The First Peoples Health Unit is committed to the success of Indigenous students as health professionals.

First Peoples Aspirations and Pathways to Health

First Peoples Aspirations and Pathways to Health program identifies and encourages prospective students at high school level, and gives them the opportunity to experience life as a uni student studying health-related programs at Griffith for a week.

GUMURRII Student Support Unit

GUMURRII is a dedicated support unit for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students available on all five Griffith campuses. The Unit provides a safe and culturally appropriate learning environment and upholds Griffith University’s international reputation in the areas of recruitment, retention and success for Indigenous students.

First Peoples Midwifery Program

Our First Peoples Midwifery Program aims to develop a model of excellence for recruiting, retaining and increasing completions for First Peoples in the Bachelor of Midwifery.