Tyson Tripcony graduated from our Master of Nutrition and Dietetics, Research in 2011 and is the Managing Director, Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Sports Dietitian of Fuel Your Life, Sunshine Coast Dietetics, Correct Nutrition, Dietitian Life and Life Helix. Tyson is the personification of choosing to enter a field you’re passionate about and doing everything you can to succeed. After graduation he started working as a dietitian in Northam in WA and, after a making connections interstate, he moved back to the Sunshine Coast. Over the next year he was working in up to nine different dietitian roles, building his professional network and gaining experience. This resulted in Tyson opening his first business, Correct Nutrition, within twelve months of moving home. Six years after graduating he now owns and operates five dietetic business’ and works in every state except Norther Territory. “It certainly took an inordinate amount of work every day to achieve what we had in a short space of time,” Tyson says, “120 hour weeks are commonplace, but creating innovative ideas to challenge long standing ways of doing things has been a large component of our success.”

Tyson recognised the highly competitive nature of the nutrition industry and has worked, not only to provide better outcomes for the community, but also for his fellow graduates. “Thankfully with our success we have been able to provide jobs for 35 dietitians,” he says, “and have provided work experience for countless more. In this way we are not only supporting our industry through jobs, but also having a much wider impact on the Australian population. Moulding, developing and supporting practitioners to be the best version of themselves and to achieve great results for their clients.”

More recently Tyson launched Dietitian Life which is built on providing free support, professional development and advice to student dietitians, dietitians and those interested in getting into the dietetic industry. Last month they also introduced a $2,500 Dietitian Life scholarship to support dietetic students that are entering their final year intensive placement. “We want our company to be the biggest and best dietetic company in Australia,” says Tyson, “In the respect that we are providing jobs and work for more dietitians, creating a supportive workplace, helping dietitians be the best they can be and achieving great results with the clients that we see. We also want to be giving back to the dietetic community through our scholarship program and Dietitian Life platform.”

With a continued commitment to having an innovative, strategic and measured approach to tackling challenges and achieving goals Tyson is collectively creating a culture of continuous growth and learning. “Focusing on collaborating with like-minded professionals and organisations in traditional and non-traditional spaces that dietitians work was one of the primary aspects of our success,” says Tyson, “There have been countless challenges throughout the years, from challenging stereotypes, instigating change in a very risk-adverse industry or bringing light to subjects that our industry isn’t talking about.” However, quitting isn’t in Tyson’s nature and he attributes his resilience as a large factor in getting to where he is today. 

Tyson has come a long way since his graduation in 2011 and is one of the driving forces behind the growth of nutrition and dietetics on the Sunshine Coast. When speaking about his time at Griffith University he says, “Many dietetics degrees are made to be similar, however the Griffith University had a large Sports Dietitian contingent in the lecturer group, which was certainly something I was interested in doing post-graduation and why I did have Griffith as my first preference.” When asked what advise he would give himself if he could go back in time he says, “Just that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks you can achieve, just do it.” Having managed to create multiple business platforms through which he can break down the myth that he’ll “tell people to stop eating foods they enjoy and eat like a rabbit” and help create a better future for his community we’re certain you can ‘just do it’. Tyson is leading the future of nutrition and dietetics into an inclusive and supportive model and he’s become successful by staying true to himself. We can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!