Enhance your psychological wellbeing and free your thoughts

What is Mindfulness?

Have you ever driven your car and your mind is miles away, thinking of the other million things you have to do that day? When you are in this state of ‘auto-pilot’, you are not focussed on your current experience and are not in the ‘here and now’. Mindfulness is the opposite of being in auto-pilot mode. It’s a skill that can free you from being overly preoccupied with your thoughts about the past and future that can easily stress you out.

The benefits of mindfulness

Learning to be more mindful has a number of benefits including:

  • reducing stress in everyday life
  • better health outcomes
  • thinking more clearly and not buying into unhelpful ways of thinking
  • gives you more choice on how to respond to your feelings
  • allows you to become more focussed on tasks, activities and the pleasurable moments of life.

About the mindfulness program

The Mindfulness Group is a program aimed to help with developing mindfulness skills while meeting new people and will be run over 7 sessions, once a week over 7 weeks. Provisionally registered Psychologists undergoing advanced post-graduate training at Griffith University School of Applied Psychology will be conducting the program. The group-based program will consist of 6-12 people attending 7 sessions over a 7 week period. Anyone interested in developing their mindfulness skills while meeting new people can participate. Please note that this program is not suitable for people suffering serious mental health issues – please call us if you have any questions around this or need further assistance.

Find out more

Day: Mondays 5:00pm – 7:00pm
Starting: 26th October
Cost: $60 (inclusive includes 7 sessions, handouts and audio files)
Location: Griffith University Psychology Clinic, Mt Gravatt campus
Contact: (07) 3735 3301 or [email protected]