Lachlan Clifton grew up on a farm in the Central Coast of NSW with a desire to change the lives of those around him and, after researching the reputation of different universities, he joined Griffith University in a Bachelor of Exercise Science. “Exercise Science seemed to provide a pathway to numerous health fields,” says Lachlan, “It was a really comprehensive starting point and Griffith provided the environment I was looking for.”


Entry into life as a student wasn’t straight forward for Lachlan, as he had been out of High School for five years and was worried about being out of his depth. “Thankfully the culture of the university is very community orientated,” says Lachlan, “Students have access to numerous resources to help them with difficulties and to enhance their education experience. I really enjoyed labs, and how the lecturers explained the content, once I understood the material.”


Lachlan is currently a Laboratory Instructor in Exercise Science at Griffith University, as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Burleigh Bears, who works to improve community health and well-being. “After finishing my Bachelor and Graduate Diploma I felt that is was important to give back where I could,” he says, “I maintained a strong relationship with the staff at Griffith University and that took me to places I didn’t expect when I was at university.” Lachlan also keeps in touch with peers from his postgraduate study and they connect regularly, “It’s great to have people to bounce ideas off of and ask industry questions of.” Lachlan is planning to focus on sports rehabilitation in the future, working with everyday athletes to provide support for the recovery process and improve performance levels upon return to sport.


A prime example of determination and maximising opportunities leading to success, Lachlan obtained an internship in his first year at university and maintained that opportunity over five years. “The opportunities the Health Group provided added benefit on top of my degree,” he says, “There is so much more going on at the university than some students realise and, if they are wiling to take advantage of these opportunities, their university experience can be increased ten-fold!”