A fascination with how people behave led 2018 New Colombo Plan scholar Kimberley Bates to a double degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Psychology.

“I’ve always been interested in human behaviour and why people behave the way they do,’’ she says.

“Criminology and psychology are a natural fit for me. Townsville where I grew up has a lot of youth problems, as do many other towns in Australia. This sparked my interest in research and the dynamics of relationships between parents and their children.”

As part of her New Colombo Plan scholarship Kimberley will travel to Hong Kong City University where she will study with the School of Applied Social Sciences.

“It offers unique courses in domestic violence and I’d really like to study what happens in Asian countries so I can apply what I’ve learnt to an Australian context.”

Kimberley also plans to undertake an internship at the Pol Leung Women’s Refuge Centre in Hong Kong.

“The scholarship will help me develop my research skills as that’s where my interests lie.”

Adding to her repertoire, Kimberley is also studying Mandarin through a Diploma of Languages offered at Griffith.

“I love learning the language and it’s been useful for my part-time job where I liaise with lots of people from China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and it will definitely help with my future studies and career.”

A talented singer, Kimberley’s background in musical theatre brought initially brought her to Brisbane where she contemplated studying theatre, before deciding on criminology and psychology. She was awarded a division place for her performance in the 16th Annual Chinese Bridging Competition in Queensland this year.

Kimberley was also awarded a 2017  Asia Futures Fellowship where she visited Peking University, met with other Chinese students in Australia and raised money for an orphanage in collaboration with her role through the Australia China Youth Association.”

NCP is an amazing opportunity to open up networks and learn about other cultures,’’ Kimberley says.

Kimberley is one of six Griffith students who have been awarded 2018 New Colombo Plan Scholarships.