One students’ story about finding what they needed right on their doorstep, thanks to Griffith 

When Grace Mitchell began researching her options for studying health after high school, she was pleased to find everything she needed for her academic goals right in her backyard, with Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus offering not only her undergraduate degree, but the postgraduate degree she is aiming for as well.  

“The first reason I choose Griffith University was its location – I live on the Gold Coast so it’s very close and convenient,” Grace explains.  

“But then obviously, Griffith offered the degree I was looking for. Not only that, they offered the undergraduate I wanted to do as well as the postgraduate that I’m looking forward at doing.  

“It made it easier apply to a university that’s got where I want to go in the future offered as well, so I can comfortably know that it’s sitting there ready to go.” 

When Grace first set her sights on a career in health, she wasn’t sure exactly what her end goal would be. She took comfort in knowing that Griffith’s flexible study options – which for Grace meant the Bachelor of Health Science – would give her the chance to explore and discover her passions as she moved through her undergraduate, and now has a chosen career in mind: medicine.  

“The best thing about my degree is that I’ve been able to focus on things I find interesting and take electives that help me with my future studies,” Grace says.  

“My second and third year were filled with both listed and free choice electives and there is so many to choose from in so many different areas. You’ve got environmental health, nutrition, in depth anatomy and physiology, organic chemistry… there was so much I could choose from I struggled to pick some electives because I graduate soon, and I just wanted to jam in as much as I could. There’s so much variety!” 

When navigating her electives, Grace looked to the support networks available to her in helping her decide which subjects to choose and how to structure them through the years, all with the goal of helping set the best foundation for a career in medicine.  

“There’s lots of support available from lecturers, academics and program advisors if you are struggling with choosing electives,” Grace explains.  

“You can get in touch with them and they’ll help you structure your courses. They’ll ask where you want to go and help you plan prerequisites or the best courses to choose if you want to go on to further study. It was reassuring to know they were there to help you so you could get the best experience possible throughout your studies. 

“I want to work in the healthcare system helping people in multiple different areas, but I also want to continue learning and I think health is an area that is continuously developing, and by working in health I’m going to continue studying, continue educating myself, and I think health really suited me for that reason.” 

Now in her final trimester of study, Grace understands the importance of balancing her love for study and continual education with activities outside of university. 

“Balance is important, so you don’t burn out. In your first year, it can be hard to measure if you’re doing too much or not enough study, but you have to take time for yourself away from university,” Grace explains.  

“It’s important your university experience is enjoyable, so you don’t want to overload yourself with studying too much. Lecturers advise us to take time away from study, spend time with family and friends, and let yourself enjoy the holidays so you can come back refreshed and throw yourself fully into your study.” 

One of Grace’s most memorable university experiences is the free choice elective that saw her travel to Vanuatu on a public health study tour with students from a range of different health degrees.  

We went on site visits to the Red Cross and the Ministry of Health, plus local communities and government and non-government organisations. There was a big focus on what we can do as future healthcare workers.,” Grace recalls.  

“Having that understanding of health in a different country will help us as we go into our future subjects, studies, or postgraduate work, as it gives us a wider understanding of healthcare and how it operates in Australia and in other countries.  

“I really enjoyed that it was a collaborative experience with different degrees and a mix of postgraduate and undergraduate students – that gave us some insight into where we might take our degree, where we can specialise, and hearing about life before and after graduation.  

“My advice to current students is to try and take as many of those opportunities as possible, to build your knowledge and help you discover the different pathways you can take out of a degree in Health Science.” 

If like Grace you have a passion for health and a wide range of interest areas, the Bachelor of Health Science is the perfect choice for you. With majors available in Environmental Health, Environmental Toxicology, Information Technology, and Communication and Media, there’s a range of opportunities for students to experience the many facets of healthcare delivery, and great employment possibilities waiting after graduation.