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Anxiety – causes, symptoms and treatment options

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in Australia, affecting approximately 14% of people aged between 16 and 85. Nervousness, fear, worry, distress,… Read More

Pre-school sleep problems – free program for parents

If you’re a parent with a child between the ages 3 and 5 who experiences difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, we are offering… Read More

Depression – causes, symptoms and treatment options

Sometimes referred to as the “black cloud,” depression is a debilitating psychological disorder that affects approximately 6% of all Australian’s aged between 16 and 85… Read More

Hong Kong study for New Colombo Plan scholar

A fascination with how people behave led 2018 New Colombo Plan scholar Kimberley Bates to a double degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Psychology. “I’ve always… Read More

Enhance your psychological wellbeing with our Mindfulness program

Enhance your psychological wellbeing and free your thoughts  Read More

Helping children and adolescents with OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects approximately 3% of children and adolescents. Children with OCD may experience obsessions (uncontrollable, intrusive and scary thoughts) and/or compulsions(repetitive behaviours that they feel driven to do to in order to reduce anxiety or prevent something terrible from happening). Children with OCD are usually aware that these thoughts and behaviours are not “normal” and often find them very distressing. In childhood, OCD can affect the entire family, such that family members often have to assist with completing rituals, or modify family routines to alleviate the child’s distress. Read More

European Health Psychology Society welcomes Dr Kyra Hamilton

Congratulations to Dr Kyra Hamilton, who has recently been elected to the position of Australian National Delegate to the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS). Read More

Stand Up Speak Out (SUSO) program

Does your teen struggle with anxiety? The 10 week Stand Up Speak Out (SUSO) program helps teens aged 12-17 years who struggle with anxiety in social settings by providing personalised strategies to make them feel more comfortable and confident. Read More

Recognising Emotions and Establishing Friendships (REEF)

Does your child find it hard to make friends or suffer from anxiety in social settings? The 8 week Recognising Emotions and Establishing Friendships (REEF) program helps children aged 5-7 and 8-12 years who struggle in social settings by providing personalised strategies to make them feel more comfortable and confident Read More

‘Student’ vs ‘Professional’ health clinics – what’s the difference?

As you may already know, Griffith Health Clinics offer premium health services to members of the public as well as students and staff of Griffith… Read More