Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders in Australia, affecting approximately 14% of people aged between 16 and 85. Nervousness, fear, worry, distress, and tension are all common feelings for people with anxiety disorders.

Causes and risks associated with anxiety

Most anxiety disorders are believed to be caused by a combination of factors such as genetics, personality traits, stressful life events, physical health problems (e.g. asthma, diabetes) and other mental health conditions. Anxiety symptoms may be exacerbated by alcohol, drugs, caffeine, and lack of sleep.

Symptoms of anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their life, whether it’s being nervous about going to a job interview, meeting someone for the first time, or sitting an exam. This type of worry is normal. It’s when this worry becomes excessive, persistent, and begins to effect your daily functioning that it becomes a problem.

Symptoms of an anxiety disorder may include:

  • Panic attacks, racing heart, restlessness, and feeling tense, keyed up or on edge.
  • Excessive fear or worry
  • Avoiding situations that make you feel uncomfortable or anxious in

Treatment options available for anxiety

The good news is, anxiety disorders can be treated! The most common psychological treatments are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Behaviour Therapy. With the support of a trained professional, you can gain an awareness of how your thinking affects the way you feel and behave and how you can consciously change the way you approach certain situations. In addition, you will be encouraged to face your fears and see that you can in fact cope. Other treatments for anxiety may include relaxation training, antidepressants, exercise, and social support.

We’re here to help

If you or anyone you know is suffering from symptoms of anxiety, we operate affordable psychology clinics at both our Gold Coast and Mt Gravatt campuses.

  • No referrals required.
  • Open to the public.
  • Your choice of treatment by either a registered psychologist (fully-qualified) or provisionally registered (students in the final years of study under supervision from a registered clinical psychologist).
  • Therapy sessions only $20 (in our provisionally registered student clinics).
  • Individual and group-based psychology sessions available.
  • Personalised treatment programs for children, adolescents, couples and families.
  • Full cognitive and behavioural assessments from $300.
  • Unlimited therapy sessions available with provisionally registered psychologists (no GP mental health place required).

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