Professor Mark Forwood’s journey from a physical education teacher to becoming Head of Griffith University’s School of Medical Science wouldn’t have been possible without strong mentorship.

“My background in physical education provided insight into teaching, but my transition to an academic position was facilitated by others’ encouragement,” Professor Forwood says.

And now he pays it forward, drawing upon his experiences and research expertise to inspire students.

Professor Forwood is a distinguished researcher in the areas of anatomy, bone physiology and biomechanics with more than 100 papers published in high impact journals.

“Being invited to take up the position of Foundation Chair of Anatomy at Griffith in 2009 was one of my most memorable achievements,” he says.

Professor Forwood is also instrumental in the annual Thanksgiving Service to honour people who bequeathed their bodies to Griffith for research and teaching purposes.

“We’re very grateful that we’ve seen an increase in people participating in the Body Donation Program, as it’s invaluable for students of Medicine, Allied Health and Anatomy.”

An annual Thanksgiving Service acknowledges this generous donation.

In September 2016, Professor Forwood’s achievements in skeletal biology and Higher Education were recognised by election as a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences.