Brett Earle is a Bachelor of Social Work student. He was drawn to the field based on his desires to help people and communities achieve their goals. 

“To be studying a degree like this, it just means that I can help more at the end of the day,” says Brett. 

Brett says having such a strong team of academic staff at Griffith University is helping him achieve his career goals as he completes the theoretical and practical components of his degree. 

“In my experience, the lecturers have been amazing. They are on our level as students, they’re accessible, and they’re always there for us whatever we need via email or phone or face-to-face,” he says.  

“They want us to success like we want to succeed, that’s the main thing.” 

Brett says the way the Bachelor of Social Work combines conceptual studies and theory with practical experiments is helping him fully develop the skills he needs to become a social work professional. 

“What I think Griffith University gives us is that background of knowledge which is based in academia but at the same time is really practical,” he explains. 

“For instance, the simulated learning space is a space here you can sit with a client and go through practical skills of learning and communicating and listening to somebody. 

If like Brett, you’re seeking a career where you can show that you care, take the first step with a degree in Social Work or Human Services. Not sure which degree to choose? See our quick explanation guide for advice